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The Complete Scent Discovery Gift Box from 39 Degrees

39 Degrees

Valued at $139.95

All ten blends of our natural magnesium bath tonics of 2022 in 100 mL bottles, presented in a gift box and artfully wrapped.

Each 100 mL bottle contains a concentrated dose of magnesium and an aromatherapy blend of pure essential oils - enough for a single bath. Pour into swirling bath water for a luxurious, milky white bathing experience

Whats inside:
MOMENT Special Edition Bath Tonic 100 mL
EXHALE Special Edition Bath Tonic 100 mL
WANDER Special Edition Bath Tonic 100 mL
EMBRACE Special Edition Bath Tonic 100 mL
RESTORE | Detox & Rejuvenate Bath Tonic 100 mL
SLEEP WELL | Rest & Relax Bath Tonic 100 mL
ONSEN | 温泉 Bath Tonic 100 mL
EASE WORK STRESS | Unwind & Let Go Bath Tonic 100 mL
POST-WORKOUT | Soothe & Recover Bath Tonic 100 mL
MOTHERHOOD | Nurture & Comfort Bath Tonic 100 mL

Your gift box will be filled with wood wool and artfully wrapped with natural craft paper and cotton ribbon. Each gift box is finished with a fresh sprig of greenery.

Thanks for submitting your bid!

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