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Dog Cargo Liner (choice of size)


Valued at: $159
Reserve price: $100

Designed to stand up to the most adventurous dogs, our luxury quilted Cargo Liner doesn't just look great, it provides a secure, comfortable padded space for your pet to relax in while you're driving.

Made from extremely durable, abrasion-resistant fabric, this thick liner provides maximum protection for the back of your vehicle's rear seats while keeping fur, dirt, sand and many of life's other messes from getting into those impossible to reach parts of your car.

Two generously sized pockets are incorporated into the backrest section, providing ample storage for road trip necessities such as tennis balls, towels, leads, jackets, water bottles etc.

A rubber mesh covering the underside provides superior anti-slip protection with assistance from the heavy-duty straps and YKK buckles keeping it securely in place.

Medium: 130cm (W) x 172cm (L) including 45cm Bumper Guard.
Large: 130cm (W) x 205cm (L) including 45cm Bumper Guard.

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