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What is Canine Cup?

Canine Cup is much like a race day luncheon, except better in every way! It's cruelty free, all the caters are plant based and the 'races' you watch are of dogs running (or not running if that's what they prefer) from one owner to another in a massive game of recall - no whips, drugs, added weight or any other traditional racing methods here. You get to pre-select your favourite 'racer' and if they come first or last, you go in the draw to win amazing prizes! The best part is the dogs don't only feature on the big screen... they'll also be at the event for everyone's favourite meet and greet photo ops! You'll have unlimited access to a photo-booth throughout the day for you to capture your memories of the most fun day of the year. 

There's also a Canine Cup fashion competition with great prizes up for grabs, so make sure you register early for the parade! 

All funds raised from this event go towards supporting the animals at Animal Welfare League SA. Over the years, this event has raised over $50,000 for various animal welfare groups. 

How your support helps 

AWL is 100% community funded - we rely on compassionate animal lovers like you to provide lifesaving care for South Australia’s most vulnerable animals. Your support will ensure every animal who comes through our doors has a warm bed, food in their bellies, vital vet care, and toys to play with. By purchasing a ticket to the Canine Cup, you will give these vulnerable animals the love and expert care they need to find their forever homes and live their best lives!

When and where is Canine Cup?

Canine Cup is held on Adelaide Cup day, Monday 11 March 2024, at Plant 4 Bowden

What do I wear to Canine Cup? 

Race day attire, noting we recommend clothing you can cuddle the furry 'racing' stars in.

What happens on the day? 

Before we get into the festivities you'll have time to check out the raffle and auction prizes. Then there's six 'races', a fun game of catch or fails and fashion competitions for both humans and dogs all with great prizes up for grabs!   

Can I bring my dog? 

Unfortunately, only the pre-arranged 'meet and greet' dogs are allowed in a designated area of the venue. No other dogs are allowed in the venue. To make it up to your furbaby there's always delicious treats available at the event for you to take home for them.

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