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Forget about the race that stops a nation, we bring you the Race That Makes the Nation Paws!

We have prepared 2 special Melbourne Cup races which were released online at the same time as the horse race.

Whilst we are a 'Cup' ourselves, we are the cruelty free alternative, we join you in saying #NuptotheCup

Our races are simply a fun game of recall with dogs running to their favourite treat or human, and if they don't want to run? That's cool too, more belly scratches for them at the start line! :)

We dedicated all the racer names in race 1 to horses that have passed due to the Melbourne Cup and some recent horses who passed this year whilst racing.

In the very first ever Melbourne Cup in 1861, 2 horses were killed, yet it is impossible find their names.


Over 100 horses a year die due to the racing industry with them suffering a variety of internal injuries and bleeds. 

Freedom Hill Sanctuary rescue ex racehorses, meet Boris, he was saved at a mere 2 years old from the Victorian doggers, he had been beaten so badly in his head that you couldn't get near him. Now he is living the life every horse deserves.

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